Baby Diapers Import & Export Business - Opportunities by 2020

By 2020, the international baby diaper industry is expected to yield $59.4 billion and another estimation says that its Compound Annual Gross Rate will improve up to 6.0% during the 2017 to 2025. 
Besides the population growth of India and China, the entire world is experiencing a rapid population growth, which has become a driving factor for the development of the diaper market. Apart from the population explosion, the increasing health awareness, rapid urbanization, literacy rate, readiness for health care expenditure and persistent economic growth in the developing countries play the significant roles in fueling the baby diaper market. 
The disposable diaper industry offers different types of diapers like Ultra absorbent disposable diapers, super absorbent diapers, regular disposable diapers, swim pants and bio-degradable diapers. In 2013, the disposable diapers accumulated around 66% market share among all the other diapers. 
Super absorbent diapers are preferred for its night lock factor. 
Swim pants are used when the babies enter into a swimming pool.
Bio-degradable diapers are not only eco-friendly, but also skin friendly. As the North American government insisted on using the bio-degradable diapers for environmental reasons, the country experienced the highest growth rate in bio-degradable baby diapers. 
However, the cloth diapers or the cotton diapers have not lost the complete market as they help clear skin rashes of the babies. 
Besides the European countries and American States, the Asia-Pacific market is expected to engage in the fastest growth of up to 8.3%, as the parents in these regions are motivated to buy baby disposable diapers for convenience, fashion, hygiene and health. They prefer to use pull-up diapers instead of the tape/Velcro fastening diapers. Attractive package, price, brand name, material and comfort of the diapers influence the decision making of the parents. However, they are more price sensitive.
Trends in the diaper industry:
  • With ample of growth opportunities, the baby diaper industry is booming in the developing countries. 
  • Using improved superabsorbent material is the latest trend
  • Brands apply competitive pricing to meet the competition
  • Online promotional campaigns are organized to enhance growth
  • Promoting brand name for long term growth is essential
Top 5 countries importing Baby Diapers
  1. Germany – 240,739 tons
  2. UK – 236,201 tons
  3. China – 226,246 tons
  4. USA – 218,754 tons
  5. France – 202,434 tons
  6. Belgium – 132,397 tons
  7. Canada – 114,428 tons
  8. Russian Federation – 109,447 tons
  9. Netherlands – 96,630 tons
  10. Poland – 94,081 tons
Top 10 countries exporting Baby diapers
  1. China – 445,447 tons
  2. Germany – 351,390 tons
  3. Poland – 277,184 tons
  4. Turkey – 253,048 tons
  5. Japan – 252,662 tons
  6. Netherlands – 204,963 tons
  7. Belgium – 188,240 tons
  8. Czech Republic – 179,664 tons
  9. USA – 179,068 tons
  10. Sweden – 136,437 tons
Leading brands in international diaper market:
  • Earth’s Best
  • Whole Food 365 
  • Seventh Generation
  • Huggies
  • Pampers
  • Bumkins
  • G Diapers
  • Andy Pandy 

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